How to maintain memory and keep your Blackberry running smoothly

Monthly maintenance tips

1. Delete excess email and text messages
Consider your email and texts as a convenience, deleting any messages you
don't need to keep handy from the mobile device.

 Move photos, videos and documents, to a memory card
If you need to purchase one, choose the Micro SD type. 2GB minimum.
Refer to your users manual to correctly insert and format your card for use.

Perform a soft reset of your Blackberry
Refresh your device with a restart. Simply remove and replace the battery after 2 seconds.
From your Blackberry, download
Quickpull Free as a software solution to soft reset.

Clean out Temporary Internet Files and cookies
Open the Browser, press Menu, Options, Cache operations. Clear Content Cache, Pushed
Content and Cookie Cache. Clear History is optional, but should be done occasionally.

5. Supra eKey users, Delete and reinstall the software
Start in the Options menu, select Advanced Options, then Applications.
Type 'E" to get to eKey. Press the menu key, select Delete.
From the Web Browser, go to Download the application.
Launching the app on your Blackberry will prompt for a new authorization key.
Log on to
SupraWEB with key number and password for a reauthorization key

How to clear the cache, cookies and history on Blackberry.

1. Open the Browser from your icons

2. Press
Menu and select Options

3. Select Cache Operations from the Options list

4. Press to
clear cache, clear cookies and remove history Clear the
pushed data as well, even after it prompts you.

5. Press the Escape key to clean the memory. Press Menu, select Close.  
Blackberry Keyboard Shortcuts
Practice using these time-saving keystrokes to enhance the navigation of your Blackberry
TIPS:  Organize your Bookmarks to make them easy to locate when you need them. Create folders in Bookmarks
to separate your business-related sites, for example from your personal sites.

Change the font and text size in the browser to make web pages easier to read.

Blackberry Internet Service
Use the BIS to:

•        Create an email account
•        Add or edit email accounts
•        Customize your email signature
•        Set email reconciliation policies

On the Blackberry, open the Settings menu, and select email settings to access the BIS from the device. You may
also connect to the BIS through your wireless carrier’s website with your account username and password, or the
following addresses:






Perform these maintenance steps every 4 – 6 weeks to assure optimum performance of your Blackberry smartphone.

1. Delete old email and text messages from the message s inbox. Store messages you want to keep on the device in a “Saved
Messages” folder.

2. Clean out the cookies and temporary files in the Web Browser. Open the browser, go to Menu, General Options, Cache operations.

3. Delete and reinstall the GE Supra eKey application (if applicable). Go to Options, Advanced, Applications. Highlight eKey, press
menu and delete. From the web browser, go to and reinstall the application. You will need a new authorization
number before you can update your key and access the iBox.

4 Remove the battery for 5 seconds and replace. This will refresh the device memory as well as the connection to the wireless carrier.
This step may improve overall device speed , signal quality and data speed.

Tip:  Set a monthly reminder with alarm in your Blackberry’s calendar to perform these tasks. Add the steps to the Notes portion of
the reminder so you won’t forget what to do.

Blackberry Compatible Solutions

Get A Dropbox

Google Mobile Apps for Blackberry

Blackberry Software Update Site

Built for Blackberry Site

Best In Free Blackberry Software

DataViz Documents To Go – Create Word, Excel, Files, Read PPT & PDFs!

Facebook for Blackberry Free Download

MySpace for Blackberry Free Download

Twitterberry Free Download

Flickr For Blackberry Free download

Listen to Free Internet Radio on your Blackberry

Listen to Pandora Free Internet Radio on your Blackberry

The New York Times

GPS Navigation

TeleNav GPS Navigation

Garmin Mobile for Blackberry

Google Maps

How To use Your Blackberry As A Modem For Your Laptop Computer

Have modem service as part of your wireless plan?  Setup instructions here!

Tetherberry  (go to and check for a discounted price!)

PDANet for Blackberry (not all Blackberry devices are compatible)

Find Additional Blackberry Software

http://Blackberry Desktop Software Update

Fun Yet Useful Software Applications



QuickPull Free (soft reset tool)

Pocket Express
is a handy all-in one entertainment and news aggregator with maps, sports, weather, travel and 411. Pocket Express
is a data intensive application and you should have an unlimited data plan before using the app.

FlyCast Radio  is one of the most popular BlackBerry Storm apps we have covered. It offers over 1200 streaming radio stations and
there is bound to be station that you like. Their program guide show almost every type of station, CNN, BBC, 70's, 80's, Fox News,
Sesame Street, Jazz, Spirituality and more as well as local stations across the United States.

QuickPull is another of readers' favorite apps, this handy utility allows BlackBerry Storm users to simulate pulling the battery, to free
up memory and it is of course free.

Feel-Goodies - this free feel-good app reminds you how wonderful you really are. Click through positive empowering sayings to feel
better about yourself. "An app to give or receive that can't go wrong."

BOLT is a mobile browser application we saw demoed last month at CTIA which has been downloaded and approved by many
BlackBerry Storm users. BOLT as it name implies makes web browsing lightening fast, with special viewing tools for the BlackBerry
Storm touchscreen. It also makes video streaming easier.

Funambol is a cloud syncing service with push email. As far as apps go this one is very handy because it syncs contacts with all sorts
of email and calendaring services, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and Hotmail as well as Outlook and Thunderbird. This is a
free service you register for on the web.

Qik Video Share is a free video sharing app that allows for live streaming video from your BlackBerry Storm while it occurs. It is best
understood by watching the video demonstration from CTIA.  

eReader Pro  allows you to read and buy books from your BlackBery Storm. Books that are free are in the public domain.

WHERE is a free a location-based mobile application which provides information about places around you. WHERE on the BlackBerry
Storm comes  with GasBuddy, Starbucks, weather, news and Traffic. It also has widgets for, events, Yelp(with restaurant reviews),
Yellow Pages, movie times, news, and WHERE wall(a forum.)

Storm Piano is one of the most popular BlackBerry Storm apps we have ever covered.  It turns the BlackBerry Storm’s touchscreen
into piano keys. It makes me want to start taking piano lessons again.

If you like to more “Best BlackBerry Storm Apps,” articles please let us know and give us a topic.  We have already done “Best Free
BlackBerry (Storm) Travel Apps from BlackBerry App World.”

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GPS/Location Based Services/Mapping/

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Browsers/Cloud Sync/Email

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Telephone Services/ Voice to Speech/ Vocal

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Social Networking

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Utility Program Apps

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Blackberry Tips and Tricks
AT&T Blackberry Torch 9800
From the main screen,
open the
Camera app.
Press Menu, and select
Set your options, making
sure to choose
On Media
to store pictures.
Next, select a  Folder for
your next shots to be
stored in. Create folders
as you like.
Insert a period
Press Space key twice – the next letter is capitalized.
Capitalize a letter
Hold letter key until capitalized letter appears
Type an alternate character on a key
Hold Alt key and press character key  
Type an accented or special character
Hold letter key and roll trackball left or right (For example, to
type ü, hold U and roll the trackball to the left until ü appears).
Release letter key when accented or special character appears
Answer a call
Press Send key
Insert (+) into a phone number
Hold O
Add an extension to a phone number
Press Alt key + X key and type the extension number
Assign a speed dial number to a key
On the Home screen or on the Phone screen, hold down key
Turn speakerphone on or off during a call
Press Speakerphone key
Type a letter in a phone number field
Press Alt key + the letter key
Check your voicemail
Hold 1
Move to the top of the Phone screen
Press Space key
View the last phone number you called
Press Space key + Enter key Press. Send key to dial the number
View your contact list on the Phone screen
Hold Send key
Reply to a message
Press R
Reply to all
Press L
Forward a message
Press F
View email address of a contact in a message,
highlight contact.

To view display name again, press Q        
File a highlighted email message
Press I
Compose a message from a message list
Press C
Open a highlighted message
Press Enter key
Mark a message as opened or unopened
Press Alt key + U
View received messages
Press Alt key + I
View sent messages
Press Alt key + O
View voicemail messages
Press Alt key + V
View SMS text messages
Press Alt key + S
View call logs
Press Alt key + P
View all your messages again
Press Escape key
Move up the screen
Press Shift + Space key
Move down the screen
Press Space key
Move to the top of a message list
Press T
Move to the bottom of a message list
Press B
Move to the next date
Press N
Move to the previous date
Press p
Move to the next unopened item
Press U
Move to the next related message
Press J
Move to the previous related message
Press K  
Search for text in a message or memo
Press S
Search for text in an attachment or web page
Press F
Search for a contact in a list of contacts
Type the contact name or initials separated by a space
Search for text in a presentation attachment or an email
Verify that you’re viewing the presentation in text view or in text
and slide view,  Press F      
Move to the last cursor position after closing and
reopening an attachment
Press G        
Caps Lock Press Alt + RIGHT shift key
Num Lock  Press Alt + LEFT shift key
Typing & Phone Dialing Shortcuts
Messaging Shortcuts
Search Shortcuts
Create Folders To Organize And Store Your Photos
Handheld Computer Solutions
We Put Productivity In The Palm Of Your Hand
Follow me on
From the main screen,
locate and open the
Camera application icon
Take a photo of the palm
of your hand without flash.
Select  My Pictures and
locate the palm of your
hand photo, or any photo.
Place the cursor on the
selected photo.
Press the  Menu key,
Set As Home
. Close App.
Monthly Maintenance For Your Blackberry
Improve Navigation by Organizing your Blackberry
Print the PDF Handout
1. Save the Document to your computer
2. Print any or all of the PDF

Adobe PDF Reader 9

View the Powerpoint
From the main screen,
locate and open the
Options application icon
How To Customize AutoText and enhance your messaging
Select  AutoText, from the
list, tap the menu key,
select New.
Type in the word "realtor",
in lower case letters.
Under With, type REALTOR
At the end of REALTOR,
symbol by holding down
the R and rolling the
trackball or pad at the
same time
Make short sentences or
long names easy. As long
as it's not an English
word, it works!  Try making
'U" AutoText into you.
Start by opening the  
Select  Email Settings.
Enter your User name and
Password to open the
Blackberry Internet
How To Add Another Email Address To Your Blackberry
Choose your email client
to start the wizard, or
choose other for manual
Highlight the App to be
moved. ,Press Menu,
Select Move Folder
Select the folder, or create
and name a  new folder.
Select the folder, press
Menu, select,
Complete Move. Your
app is in it's new home.
Organize your screen - Move Apps Into A Custom Folder
Start by following the
Email Settings process
displayed above.
After Logging in, tap Menu,
Select Edit
Scroll down, erase the
with your own, Save